Hey all, thanks for the all the feedback and the positive response to my latest animation


For my next animation i will be looking at something a little more episodic.
(to make it easier to produce animations consistently)
I will probabaly stick to something simple that doesn't require voicing.
I will be shifting from the Bible themed animations briefly as they take longer to produce ( i will not stop them however, i will simply work out a periodic system in which i will release bible animations)
I already have a great idea in mind for my next and i hope to execute the concept well.


Well for now i am taking a little break from animating, maybe a week or two.
This will give me enough time to research my next concept and as well acquire a more powerful computer.
I am not sure exactly how long it will take but i will keep you up to date as things develop :)

Also i am looking to try out new art style for this animation :)